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The versatile FoxFury Breakthrough® BTS Right Angle Light is a professional, mid-range search tool.

The FoxFury D3060 is a small format drone and utility light.

Rugged lights provide hands-free illumination in all-weather conditions & deliver bright panoramic lighting.

These FoxFury area lights, spotlights and 360 degree scene lights can be used anywhere.

The FoxFury Nomad Series: Now with High-CRI capability and Daylight and Tungston LEDs

The 1st Portable 9 Watt Forensic Blue Laser under $20K (USD).

The Rugo™ is ultra-durable lighting tool for the on-the-go videographer, photographer, and drone pilot.

Compact and rugged FoxFury Scout Light is perfect for everyday carry. See how it holds up being run over, frozen and set on fire!

Waterproof and impact resistant, FoxFury's Taker series are powerful LED shield lighting tools.

From color bands to eye wear, check out additional products that enhance your lighting tools.