The 1st Portable 9 Watt Forensic Blue Laser under $20K (USD) Compact forensic blue laser provides up to 9W of 445nm light for forensic searches up to 40 ft (12 m) away. The PL’s incredible power and portability enables it to perform faster, more effective searches at crime scenes at much greater distances compared to standard forensic light sources.

The versatile PL can mount to a tripod, be used underwater and has an anti-roll head. Even better, it's rechargeable, cord free and there is no maintenance, calibration or replacement battery needed. The laser system includes a case, shoulder strap, charger and rechargeable lithium ion battery system and orange laser goggles. The light is manufactured by NOAH Systems and distributed by FoxFury.

Evidence identified: Trace evidence (hairs, fibers, etc.), gunshot residue, biological fluids including blood treated with fluorescein and footwear (and other) impressions.

Used for:
Field crime scene search, laboratory, medicolegal (including coroners and medical examiners) and hotel room inspection