The Color Bands for the Nomad 360, T56 and T32 provide a modular color solution to turn the light into a beacon, indicator or signal light. To install the Color Band on the Nomad light, make sure the light head is fully closed in the 360 degree configuration. Then simply slide the color band down over the top of the light head, making sure that the band fully covers the light head lenses.

The FoxFury Color Bands enable the FoxFury Nomad® 360, T32, or T56 Scene Lights (sold separately), to be used as beacons (on flashing mode) or as marker lights (on solid light modes).

Depending upon the event, industry, or arena, these Color Bands can be used to help mark key locations and/or help call out places of significance. For instance, they could designate anything from parking areas, to first aid stations, to incident command posts, staging zones or triage areas.

One set of Color Bands include: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Red. These can be used to create 5 different independent stations by using each of the 5 different colors individually around each Nomad® light.

Since the Nomad® 360-style lights provide overhead lighting, these colors can be seen from far distances, making places like command posts, accident scenes, temporary shelters, checkpoints and job sites visually easier to locate.

Lightweight and flexible design allows changing out color bands easily.

All-Weather and Waterproof

Just like our lights, these durable silicone bands are fully submersible and can be cleaned easily.

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