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***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***FoxFury LLC, Vista, CA. June 1, 2012FoxFury's White Flashlight for Females and Fellas Helps You Find Keys, Check On Kids and Defend Yourself

FoxFury is announcing the release of its compact, glossy white exterior Rook SM2W LED flashlight. This 65 torch lumen petite powerhouse fits neatly in a pocket or purse and runs on a single AA alkaline battery. This white flashlight employs white and red LEDs along with a strike bezel and disorienting strobe mode as personal safety features. 

The Rook SM2W was designed to be an easily identifiable compact light. It needed to be small enough for ladies to store in their purse or car glove box and for guys to put in their pocket or go bag. The white exterior serves to make the light easier to find. White and reRook SM2Wd LEDs give the user the option of general illumination or night vision adaptation (or dark adaptation).

Red light can also be used in low light conditions including restaurants (to read a menu), cockpits and vehicles. Red light is also very beneficial for:

  • late night bed checks of babies and toddlers (without disturbing their slumber)
  • medical staff (for taking notes, reading wristbands, etc. when walking into a patient room)
  • reading in bed
  • reading a map
  • checking on things that go bump in the night

"The Rook SM2W is a good chick flashlight. I like the light output of the white LEDs on high as well as the strobe pattern. The red light helps me find my keys in my purse and helps preserve my night vision. I like the white exterior too," said Kelly Dreller (AKA Greta) of CandlePowerForums. 

This aircraft-grade aluminum flashlight is built tough. It features FoxFury's unique disorienting Turbo-strobe as well as a strike bezel should the light need to be used for self defense. A single AA battery powers this lightweight 65 torch lumen flashlight. The Rook SM2W is also fully waterproof and impact resistant. 

"This is a valuable lighting tool and not a toy. This easy to find light allows you to search, read and even helps you defend yourself if needed," said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.

About FoxFury Lighting Solutions: 
FoxFury Lighting Solutions creates unique and cutting edge lighting products that reflect the needs of our customers, who demand quality and dependability. FoxFury is best known for its niche LED headlamps designed for specific markets including Fire, Industrial, Hazardous Area, Law Enforcement, Forensics and Recreational. FoxFury was formed in 2003 and operates out of Vista, CA USA. 

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