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Oct 23, 2020

New MADE IN USA Small Format Drone Light

[Oceanside, California, October 2020] - FoxFury Lighting Solutions announces the launch of the Made in USA D10 lights for small...
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Oct 20, 2020

New Rugo Lighting Systems for DJI M210 and M300 Drones

FoxFury Lighting Solutions officially announces the addition of new and improved Rugo drone mounts for use on DJI Matrice and Inspire 2 drones. These new mounts allow the waterproof, rechargeable Rugo lights to be used in low light inspections and meet global night flight requirements (including FAR 107.29) for anti-collision lighting.
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May 07, 2020

Donating Drones to Public Safety Agencies

FoxFury and NPS-DDP Expand Partnership to Donate More Drones and Lighting to Public Safety
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Sep 26, 2019

Rugo Light Series and Drone Systems

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is expanding its Rugo™ lighting series to now include four total lights. This expansion is meant to maximize the potential of the Rugo™ so users can choose the best options to suit their needs. The Rugo™ lights are ideal on-the-go lighting tools for drone pilots, photographers, and videographers.
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