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***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***FoxFury LLC, Vista, CA. August 6, 2013FoxFury SideSlide Series Flashlight / Helmet Light Are Now 200 Lumen and Available

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is pleased to announce that its SideSlide Series (powerful CREE LED flashlights featuring an innovative helmet adaptor) has been upgraded to 200 lumens. These handheld lights can be mounted on the side of firefighter helmets, wide brim hard hats and select rescue helmets. 

The SideSlide is a side mounted helmet light designed specifically for use by firefighters, rescue personnel and industrial safety professionals. It can also function as a handheld flashlight as well.

The SideSlide is truly unique in that it can convert from a flashlight into a side mounted light for safety helmets in seconds. The SideSlide flashlights feature an innovative helmet adaptor with a lock that goes into a custom groove on the flashlight and quickly clicks into place when locked.

The SideSlide Bolt and C-Clamp were unveiled in April at FDIC 2013 in Indianapolis. The Bolt model is designed to mount directly (via bolts) to select rescue helmets. The C-Clamp is designed to clamp on to the side of firefighter helmets and wide brim hard hats.

Both lights were originally billed as 140 lumen with a weight of over 10 ounces. Lights were to begin shipping in June / July but FoxFury chose to make some upgrades, which pushed back the shipment date. 

The C-Clamp models are now ready and every unit shipping out will be nearly 50% brighter (200 lumen) than originally advertised. The light and helmet adaptor are also lighter weight while the price remains unchanged. The Bolt models are still 4-6 weeks away. 

"We took a little extra time to make the light better and brighter. It's our hope that these upgrades will enable users to see better and be safer," said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury. 

The SideSlide accepts standard (CR123) or rechargeable (18650) lithium batteries. The light features a high, low and blinker mode. Battery life is 4 to 8 hours and varies by mode. 

About FoxFury Lighting Solutions: 
FoxFury Lighting Solutions creates unique and cutting edge lighting products that reflect the needs of our customers, who demand quality and dependability. FoxFury is best known for its niche LED headlamps designed for specific markets including Fire, Industrial, Hazardous Area, Law Enforcement, Forensics and Recreational. FoxFury was formed in 2003 and operates out of Vista, CA USA. You can follow FoxFury on Twitter @foxfuryLED

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