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Autel Evo with FoxFury Lighting System

FoxFury and NPS-DDP Expand Partnership to Donate More Drones and Lighting to Public Safety

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is partnering with the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program to put powerful drone technology in the hands of public safety agencies across the country. This partnership ensures that all drone donations include a powerful lighting system to help protect the public day and night.

The job of public safety and emergency management changes with time. Given evolving threats and the 24 hour nature of their work, public safety professionals need to get the job done faster and safer than ever, no matter the time or location. In pandemic, SWAT, and disaster scenarios , drones can capture valuable information while doing so from a safe distance. In firefighting and search and rescue, they can help find missing persons and monitor dangerous situations.

FoxFury and NPS-DDP have partnered previously on past donations. This includes the donation of an Autel Evo drone with a lighting system to Starr County Sheriff's Office in Texas. This drone helps patrol the brushy ranchland area near the US-Mexico border. Day and night, it provides eyes in the sky in under 30 seconds. In its first 48 hours of use, the drone netted an arrest.

This expanded partnership between NPS-DDP and FoxFury will put more drones and lighting systems into departments in need around the U.S.. Public safety agencies can apply on the NPS-DDP website for a grant. As every agency is unique, departments can tell their story of why drone technology would help them in serving their community. Winning departments must meet key criteria in order to receive their drone and will be selected based on their application.

“This partnership puts drone technology in the hands of fire and police departments. With FoxFury lighting, the drones can better see and be seen day and night in public safety operations”, said Antonio Cugini, Director of Marketing from FoxFury Lighting Solutions. “Departments who cannot afford drones and drone lighting now have the opportunity to get their hands on these tools. Depending on the department, the drone will be used for everything from surveillance and overwatch, to documentation, to inspection.”

NPS-DDP CEO, Marc Langley commented, “The partnership with FoxFury Lighting Solutions (drone and scene lighting) expands our ability to work with cutting-edge and leading industry UAV/UAS technology providers. Their rugged and quick deployment lights assist public safety in their tactical, forensics, and rescue efforts.”

About FoxFury Lighting Solutions

Tracey Willmott, Marketing Manager


FoxFury Lighting Solutions creates premium lighting tools that shine brightly in the most extreme environments to keep people safe. Our products focus on durability and speed, providing unique solutions and possibilities for first responders, enterprise professionals, and videographers in over 65 countries. FoxFury lights assist drone operations as lighting systems improve sky to ground and ground to sky communications.


Marc Langely, CEO


The mission of NPS-DDP is to recruit others to help support our national public safety departments nationwide with UAV/UAS technology through voluntary donations, be it hardware, financial, or media support from the private, corporate, and community sectors. Together we can help support those who give so much and help put Eyes in the Sky for Every Department in Need™.

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