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OCEANSIDE, Calif., Oct. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- FoxFury Lighting Solutions announces its new cordless Nomad® T32 and T56 production lights for on-location photo and video work. These self-contained lights feature a built-in rechargeable battery system and tripod legs for use anytime, anywhere, including underwater. The Production T lights are extremely durable and allow the photographer and videographer unmatched freedom, speed, and new opportunities in the field.

These production lights evolved from FoxFury's popular Nomad® 360 Series, which has provided scene lighting for industrial users and first responders around the globe since 2010. They've proven to be durable and provide reliable lighting in some of the worst case conditions imaginable. Nomad® lights are also fully submersible, which allows for use in all weather conditions, underwater illumination, and easy cleaning.

On September 3, 2016, FoxFury had the opportunity to shoot photos and video of a vintage 1959 Maserati O.S.C.A Le Mans racing car. We chose a remote location that had no available power. This was the perfect opportunity to utilize the cordless, battery powered, high CRI, FoxFury Nomad(R) Production Lights. FoxFury Nomad High CRI Production Lights are rechargeable, submersible and flicker-free. Nomad lighting tools deploy in seconds.

FoxFury Nomad High CRI Production Lights are rechargeable, submersible and flicker-free. Nomad lighting tools deploy in seconds. The Nomad® production models offer a color rendition index (CRI) of 95 for accurate color representation. The T32 model is 3200 Kelvin to match with tungsten lighting and features a maximum output of 7,000 lumens. The T56 model is a 5600 Kelvin suitable for daylight applications and has a maximum output of 8,200 lumens. Each light offers 3 intensities (low, medium and high) and can be used as a key light, fill light and more.

"The T32 and T56 enables the photographer and videographer to obtain shots quickly and safely get that perfect shot. Set-up and take down are super-fast, which saves time and results in more productivity. Even better, an entire four-point lighting system could fit in the trunk of a compact car," said Antonio Cugini, Director of Marketing for FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

The T32 and T56 feature a compact, fully self-enclosed design that allows for greater portability and travel. The rechargeable, cordless design means the user can be set up to shoot in under a minute after arriving on scene, even when no power source is available. The absence of cords also results in greater safety for crew and bystanders.

The light can be extended up to 8.5 ft (260cm), which allows the photographer the flexibility to shape their light however they need. Built-in tripod legs feature leveling leg extensions that can be utilized on uneven terrain for a more stable deployment of the light. Sliding the lens changes the diffusion as well.

When finished, the user can immediately stow the light as there is no cool down time. The light head and legs fold back into the tube (Tripo-Scope®), which measures 40 x 4.6" (101.2 x 11.7mm) fully stowed.

The built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery system provides 3-24 hours of useful battery light, based on the mode intensity of light selected. The Production lights can be operated as well as be charged via AC or DC power sources.

Whether solo or as a multi-point lighting system, the Nomad® Production T32 and T56 are a powerful lighting tools for the photographer and videographer who is on the go and on location.

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