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Recently, a video team based out of Utah used a variety of FoxFury Nomad lights to illuminate their shoot at a hospital. Due to certain restrictions, the team could share very little detailed information about the location and interviewees. But they did share some amazing behind the scenes photos of how the FoxFury Nomad lights were a key part of the shoot when a quick, mobile set up was necessary.

When coordinating a video shoot, it's important to have things organized before hand so you can stick to a schedule and mitigate as many potential distractions as possible. This is especially true if the subjects or 'talent' are working professionals on their own schedules. In this case, some of the subjects were doctors and nurses, meaning they had little time to spare should something go wrong. The FoxFury Nomad lights can deploy in under 20 seconds, making set up quick and easy regardless of whether you're in a time crunch or not.

Shooting video in a hospital environment can be tricky because sanitation is a concern that usually doesn't come into play in other situations. The FoxFury Nomad lights are cordless, which eliminates the concern of dragging cords through messes on the floor and bringing those germs and bacteria into the next room. This is also a nice feature in environments such as a hospoital where outlets may be scarce or taken up with vital equipment. The lights are completely waterproof as well, so if need be, they can be rinsed off and cleaned after use for decontamination.

As you can see in some of the photos, the Nomads offer users the ability to hang accessories and extensions off of the lights themselves. This particular team attached an extendable clip to the top of the Nomad lights that holds a diffuser screen. In close quarters such as a hospital room, this helps soften the light on interviewees and works better with the overhead lighting already in the room. In some other shots, the team aimed the Nomads at the ceiling or the walls to light up the background of the shot.

Whether it's a hospital video shoot, an underwater mermaid photo shoot, or a maternity photo shoot in the rain, the FoxFury Nomad production lights are a great choice. Their durability and adaptability make them great additions to any photographers' toolkit.

A FoxFury T56 Nomad provides light for an interview. It's softened with a diffuser screen to better add to the daylight.

FoxFury Nomad lights illuminate an interview in a dark surgical room. The lights are aimed at the wall and floor to provide softer background lighting.

A FoxFury T56 light provides balanced lighting for an interview in a bright room with a lot of natural daylight.

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