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FoxFury was invited to a unique photo shoot over the weekend. While confidentiality prohibits us from sharing some of the shoot details, we wanted to post some behind the scenes pictures along with detailing how some of our lights were used.

This particular shoot took place in Pasadena, CA for a large company. A crew of over 30 was on set setting up, adjusting equipment and shooting content for 12+ hours. This high end shoot had some of the latest and greatest camera technology on the market. It was an underwater shoot in a 30ft diameter pool that was roughly 10ft deep.

While FoxFury lights were not the only ones used in this shoot, FoxFury lights served 2 very unique and important functions:

1. Underwater illumination of the models: 
Nomad N56 lights ended up being the best lighting tool for the job. These daylight balanced lights were arranged around the models on the pool floor. Select camera crew had SCUBA equipment and would receive lights and position them in place strategically around the models.

Multiple camera types and models were used in this shoot. 

2.  Set lighting for set up, repositioning equipment, tinkering and tear down

Some of the specific shots required darkness so the crew had to wait until after sunset to begin capturing that footage. As equipment was moved around and other lights were turned off in order to be plugged in at other places, there was large areas of darkness on set. Nomad lights helped light up walkways and made cables and other trip hazards visible to help keep crew safe. It also provided task lighting for working on camera equipment on and around production carts to deal with various technical issues as they arose. As select equipment was torn down at the end of the night, the Nomad lights provided illumination for crew to put away equipment.  


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