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FoxFury Lighting Solutions makes innovative professional LED lights. We’re best known for our firefighter helmet lights, intrinsically safe headlamps, retrofittable SWAT shield lights and quick deployment scene lights.
Here’s how we got here, who uses our lights and why we do what we do. This is our story and we’re sticking to it.

A Crazy Idea is Born: a headlamp to surf the Pacific Ocean at night

So we’re at a party in July 2003 and someone says “It would be awesome if there was a light that would allow you to surf at night. Can you make that?” We thought it was a great question and a great idea so we started a company. We built a wide angle headlamp so that other surfers could be seen and used different colored lights to help deal with mist and water. We also patented a cool autodim sensor. And one more thing...we chose to use a newer lighting technology called the LED (light emitting diode).

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