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Lights had to be placed around the perimeter. These mountains range between 25 and 35ft tall.

N56 provided backlighting. They were positioned in a way where there was backlighting but no accidental blinding or light pollution that could impact pilots. You can also see one of the Air Bosses whose job it was to make sure no drones crashed into the 7MM or each other and that everyone was flying safely.

T56 lights were front lit, set on the directional mode with the head tilted up and the lights on the medium mode. Lights were aimed toward the mountains aiming directly at the rocks so as to reduce light pollution

Here are the 7MM all lit up. This was the view the drone pilots had for the evening.

The launch site was 330ft (100m) away from the mountains. Pilots had to fly within 20ft (6 m) of the mountains. Depth perception is compromised at night so most people didn’t get very close at all.

You can see here how challenging depth perception is. 3 drones all left from different launch sites and at different altitudes.

You can see the lights here pretty well. The green light strips on the ground were 20 ft (6m) from each of the 7MM.

Aerial view showing the lights and mountains.

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