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This is a special post for all of you destruction junkies out there! The torture test of the Scout was long, painful, and quite a gauntlet to endure. Here's a video and breakdown of all the trials endured by the FoxFury Scout Utility Light.

Freeze Test

torture test, durability test, Scout, FoxFury, freeze

You never know what conditions one might face on the job, especially in countries that see many snowstorms and blizzards. We made sure to throw the Scout into the coldest environment we possibly could.

Submersion Test

This test involved taking the Scout even deeper into water than it was rated for! (This is not recommended for the user to do.) At a depth of 30 feet, the Scout was still good as new.

Drop Test

This torture test was a little too much fun! On a serious note, many Industrial employees need to work on high-rise buildings and buildings with more than two stories. Dropping the Scout from 3 stories up was sufficient to test its impact resistant case, and it still functioned as if nothing had happened to it.

Crush Test

durability test, Scout, FoxFury, crush, car

With fast-paced environments like an EMS Recovery scene or even a tough construction project, accidents definitely happen. You too can drive over a Scout unit without breaking it! FoxFury guarantees nothing in the way of the removable clip's safety, however.

Burn Test

torture test, durability test, Scout, FoxFury, burn, flame

When all is said and done, these torture tests aren't just done for fun. FoxFury cares greatly for the safety of its customers, and will take any measures to test its products for optimal use. If you are interested in the Scout Utility Light, click here.

By: Vince C.

July 25th, 2016

  • Jul 25, 2016
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