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The 7 Magic Mountains (7MM) is an art installation by internationally renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. 7MM is a popular stop for tourists and photographers along Interstate 15 and Jean Dry Lake in the Nevada desert. It’s brightly colored totems attract a great deal of attention from sunrise to sunset. After dark, however, this art installation is undetectable because of the vast, desert terrain and lack of electricity to provide lighting.

In April of 2016, FoxFury first experienced the 7MM installation when tasked with illuminating these massive rock totems in support of the Sundance Media Group (SMG) Night AUV Flight Workshop - a field workshop that teaches drone pilots how to safely fly at night. This year, after the 2017 InterDrone Expo, FoxFury was able to return to assist SMG teach this course again. 

Lights were carefully selected and positioned to quickly and effectively illuminate the area. In order to not distract the pilots or compromise their night vision, the lights were aimed directly at these large rocks. 2 lights were set up per each magical mountain.

FoxFury Nomad NOW light shines on the 7 Magic Mountains

Nomad NOWs were used to back light each of the mountains. Lights were placed on their backs and aimed up with the diffuser lens slid to the diffuser setting.

We placed a Nomad T56 in front of each of the mountains to provide front lighting. Light heads were raised to around 6ft high with the light head angled up so as to illuminate the tops of the mountains. Lights were on the middle power setting with the diffuser lens moved to the flood setting.

FoxFury Nomad Prime light shines on 7 Magic Mountains

All lights were set up quickly. We filmed the tear down to show how simple it was to break down and stow the lights. The lights were packed up in 5 minutes with a crew of 3 people.

The 7 Magic Mountains looked beautiful in the desert nightscape. We even saw passers by stop to take a look, which is impressive given that the nearest freeway exit is 5+ miles away.

  • Sep 08, 2017
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