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The world of firefighting is often focused on personal protection equipment (PPE), which usually refers to what we wear on scene to protect ourselves. But what happens when the world changes? In recent firefighting history, situational awareness and safety has become a top priority. One interesting result of this change is that scene lighting is more important than ever and is perhaps the most important PPE a firefighter can have. Threats on the ground are always present such as hoses, debris hazards, and the need to watch for smoke conditions and structural changes. Finding adaptive scene lighting that doesn't get in the way or hinder operations can be difficult.

Eddy Weiss from C4L uses the Nomad® NOW and Prime during an exercise of rescuing a victim ejected from a car crash.

The Nomad® Scene Lights from FoxFury Lighting Solutions are the answer. While they are scene lights by definition, the Nomads are portable solutions responders can adjust as the scene changes. Firefighters know that fire trucks provide adequate lighting only if they are parked correctly, or if the wind doesn't shift, or if another vehicle isn't blocking the on-board lights. The Nomads eliminate this factor, meaning firefighters can adjust the lighting as the scene needs.The lights are also waterproof, rechargeable, cordless, and extremely durable, meaning they can withstand anything a fire crew has to throw at them.

Firefighter uses the Nomad® Prime as a bazooka-light to light the path to the scene.

The Nomad® NOW is a lantern-style scene light. It's become my go-to because of its versatility. If I come onto a remote scene, I can easily carry the NOW with me with its collapsible easy-carry handle. It can also attach to a fence, truck, or post with the included magnet mount to light up the scene once I arrive. The NOW is easy to operate even with a soaked or frozen glove on. It also has remote activation should I need to control the light from afar. It can easily light up a room, walkway, parking area, or rooftop. I've even used it to prop doors open while lighting up the interior of a space.

The Prime is a self-contained spotlight, perfect for searching or illuminating a larger area. I can carry it over my shoulder, using it as a bazooka-style light along the way. Weighing in at only 18.4 lbs (8.3 kg), this light can easily be set up by one person. The Prime deploys in less than 20 seconds, giving you a hands-free spotlight.

The Nomad® 360 provides 360-degree lighting capabilites with up to 8,000 lumens. It often eliminates the need for multiple lights and diminishes shadows that create dangerous tripping hazards. Deploying just like the Prime, the 360 is easily moved and can be switched from 360 mode to spotlight even with cumbersome structure fire gloves on or numb fingers on a cold night. The 360 can also create a 'light wall' that can be used as a safety perimeter, essentially blinding anyone trying to look in the direction of the light. Oftentimes, it's necessary to protect the scene from onlookers, especially with recent violence taking place at fire scenes.

An added bonus is that the Nomad® Prime and 360 have a flashing mode that allows the light to be used for signaling purposes. Whether it's crowd control, search and rescue, or simply drawing attention to a particular location, this feature really comes in handy. Additionally, FoxFury is now including Color Bands with all Nomad® 360 purchases and a Red Diffuser Lens with all Nomad® Prime purchases. These accessories allow users to clearly mark triage areas, parking areas, evacuation routes and much more. The Red Diffuser Lens helps preserve night vision in low light situations as well, which could be useful during night operations.

Nomad® 360s with Color Bands used during an EMS mass casualty incident

FoxFury’s reputation for making durable, cordless, and rechargeable lights is what has made the company stand out in the marketplace for so long. With run times up to 24 hours, the Nomads can last long enough to get you through most fire and emergency scenes.

Being waterproof is one of the Nomad® lights' best features. You don't have to be overly cautious on scene and can set up the Nomads in the harshest weather conditions. Perhaps most importantly, you can decontaminate them once the job is done. They were designed to be deconned with pressure washing and chemical cleaners.

Outside of firefighting, we have found that the nothing compares to the Nomad® Series when it comes to rapid response during the worst weather disasters. The series provides long term lighting when generators are at a premium (up to 24 hours of run time), which can be a life-saver when diesel is nowhere to be found or electricity is not available. In the wake of large scale disasters, everything is mobile, and your lights should be too.

Without a doubt, the FoxFury Nomad® family of scene lights improve fireground safety and efficiency. The lights out-perform their advertising everytime by creating more mobile firefighters and a more secure scene.

Nomad Hacks

- Use the Prime or 360 as an IV pole in the field

- Use zip ties to attach the NOW to chain link fence

- Use the NOW magnet mount on street poles and nearby signage

- Use multiple NOWs to create helicopter landing zones

- Use the Prime to investigate tunnels or drain pipes by extending the head and keeping the legs folded in

- Hang the Prime or NOW on your agency;s boat as a portable spotlight

- Use the NOW as an overhead light in your command shelter

- Use the flashing mode on the Prime to assist searchers in locating your command area

- Multiple Primes or 360s, spaced correctly, can become stanchions for running caution tape, or rope

- Take advantage of the stability of the Prime and 360 design to stabilize small pop-up tents


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