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Last year FoxFury went to Iowa for a bold photo and video shoot. With one month to plan, we came up with some scenarios to film that included realistic nighttime situations that first responders encounter. All these scenarios would utilize FoxFury scene lights to help responders protect and serve the public. This included a wilderness search and rescue (shown below), suspect chase, DUI checkpoint, vehicle extrication and mass casualty incident.

Given how rewarding last year's shoot was, we opted to do it again. This time we gave ourselves 5 months to plan. It's going to be bigger and better so we gave the shoot a name...#EpicIowaShoot. Why epic you ask? Because we’re shooting more scenarios, are working with hundreds of volunteers from over 10 agencies (including PDs and VFDs from the Iowa area), tackling several different locations and have a larger production crew. All this is being done over 8 days with footage being shot from the ground and sky day and night. FoxFury Nomad Scene Lights are being used as on set lighting, lighting tools for first responders and behind the scenes lighting. 

We’ve also got some partners this go around including Sundance Media Group (UAV educators and trainers), Hartwell Medical (makers of the CombiCarrierII® combination scoop stretcher/extrication board, EVAC-U-SPLINT® and FASPLINT® extremity vacuum splints) and the P-Squared Group (makers of drone battery charging systems). Each of these partners has given us tools to present more incredible footage and solve some of the practical problems that responders would encounter in the scenarios.  

We also have David helping produce, Collin Chappelle proving incredible video footage and Luisa Winters (of Sundance Media Group) as a drone pilot and aerial cinematographer.

Without giving away some of the surprises, here are some pics of what we’ve shot in the first 2 days and nights.

David and Colin flying

Here are David and Collin en route from CA to Des Moines, Iowa. From there, it was a 2 hour drive east to get to the site of the first film location.

drone flying practice

Flying a drone looks easy but it gets harder when you have to battle wind and the pressures of a film shoot. Practice makes perfect so part of the daytime shoot prep involved charging equipment and getting familiar with the equipment and the surroundings. 

Unloading gear illuminated by FoxFury Nomad Prime Scene lights

Here is Collin unloading gear. Those are FoxFury Nomad Primes illuminating the back of the SUV and camera equipment. Lots of equipment is needed for a shoot this adventurous. 

Unloading equipment

Setting drones can take serious time and work...from putting in propellers, to installing new batteries, to ensuring the controller is in working order, and getting GPS signal. 

drone flight and filming

Prior to filming, Luisa scanned the location with her drone and got used to the wind conditions. 

waiting around

Tom Petty once said "the waiting is the hardest part." It's true. This is our staff videographer Chris waiting on the volunteers to get into position and shooting to commence. He's using a stabilizer on his camera to help eliminate shakiness and blurriness. 

indoor video and drone filming

Luisa with her drone (yes she’s so good that she can safely and effectively fly a drone indoors in tight quarters) and Collin with his video equipment and shoulder rig.

up close and personal

Collin filming a closeup for our active shooter scenario. 

That's a wrap for now. Be sure to check out our blog and follow FoxFury on social media (@foxfuryLED) to learn the latest on this video shoot and stay current with FoxFury lighting tools.

  • Jun 27, 2018
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